Citrine Full Moon Water


Citrine is the “Merchant’s Stone” it is the business owner’s catalyst to communication, abundance and personal power. Below is a recipe for a Full Moon Gem Elixir to help manifest your own prosperity.

Citrine Full Moon Water


Citrine either tumbled or Raw Crystal Points (pick the amount intuitively)

Filtered or Distilled Water

A Glass Container

Cleansing the Crystals:

Take a soft tooth brush and rubbing alcohol and scrub the crystals. Alcohol kills bacterial and fungus. Rinse thoroughly then wash with a light dish detergent. Once the crystals are clean run cold water over them for ten to fifteen seconds to clear the energy.

The intention of this water is to harvest abundance and success manifested expediently to your highest good.

Hold your citrine in both hands and think or speak your intentions over them in a clear and concise manner.

Hold or touch the water you will be using and acknowledge that all water is sacred. With a manner of gratitude think or speak your intentions into the water in a clear and concise voice.

In a clean glass pitcher, place your citrine crystals in the bottom gently. Then pour your water over them slowly with intention and respect.

Find a safe and stable place outside or in a window with good moonlight to put your pitcher of abundance. Let it sit from moonrise to moonset.


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