Self-Care Reminder

It is time for you to do your Self-Work. Discover who you are, what you like and do not like, and create some boundaries.Start with reprogramming your self talk. 
Set business hours for your loved ones to discipline yourself as to when you can do favors for others.

Discern what is a true favor versus something you should either be paid for or receive something of equal value in exchange for your help.

Do not do this half-assed. Take time to SEE OR SEEK the value of who you are inside you.

Yoni Magic Meditation

Yoni Centered Meditation from the Awakened Vitality Blog

Sherrice Thomas

Yoni Magic Meditation Pic

This blog post is part of the Yoni Magic virtual event. Click here to listen to the full session.

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Meditation has many benefits from reducing stress to clearing the mind. Another benefit is how the act of meditation aids in creative manifesting. Since meditation helps you connect with God, The Great Spirit, the creator, the universe, the spirit realm, etc.

In this meditation, we will use carnelian stones or a yoni egg. Carnelian is an orange color stone that aligns with your sacral chakra. It is one of the oldest gemstones, treasured by the ancient Egyptians. The clasp of Isis was carved from this gemstone. This stone promotes joy, laughter, and an open heart. All the things necessary for love of others, love of self, and love of nature. The stone has been used for mental and…

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Holding Space Meditation

Journal Work:

Holding Space Defined:
Holding Space… I talk about it often but I noticed the need to really break down what it means to do this… This is still an evolving definition but this is part of it:
Holding space is the process in which a person is fully present with themselves and with others.
It is being grounded by Sky and Earth, yet connecting with your senses. Being energetically present, aware and tuned in to who you are holding space for as well as the physical place.
This is the energetic version of active listening but on a sacred, protected and loving level.
Now this is in the best conditions of Holding Space.

Holding Space Meditation

This Meditation is for honing this ability. Please begin this alone a few times before inviting others into your meditation.

This Meditation is Part Movement, Part Stillness and Part Visualization.

1. Begin Standing in a place where you will not be interrupted or distracted for 5-15 minutes.

2. Breathe naturally for a few breaths; then slowly deepen your breathing to 3 counts for inhaling breaths and 3 counts for exhaling breaths. Do this for at least one minute.

3. Visualize your feet touching the Earth. Allow your senses to connect with the Earth Energy. Now reach down with your hands and pull this Earth Energy up through your feet, into your legs, up through each energy center (chakra) and up through the Crown of your head sacrificing the rest of the Earth Energy to the Sky.

4. Reconnect with your breath. Allow your senses to connect with the Sky Energy. Now reach up with your hands and pull this Sky Energy down through the crown of your head, into your third eye, down through your throat and down through each energy center to end through your feet; sacrificing the rest of the Sky Energy to the Earth.

5. Return to the original position. Reconnect with your breath. Allow your senses to be open and aware. Now visualize what it’s like to be calm and safe. Visualize what it’s like to be happy and laughing. When your mind naturally moves away from these images and feelings; allow it and just relax.

6. Repeat the Earth and Sky Energy exercises and visualize your energy at rest and back into your body. Allow your body, mind and energy to recognize this is the closure of the Meditation.

Write in your journal about your experience. The more you can do this meditation with ease and comfort the easier it will become to Hold Space for others.

Spiritual Cleaning with Floor Washes

Spiritually cleaning your space is just as important as physically cleaning it. Just as dirt and dust easily gathers and accumulates, so does spiritual dirt, dust, and debris that, left uncleared, can create mental, emotional, and spiritual unrest, fatigue, and a general sense of feeling stuck and stagnant.

Luckily, spiritual cleaning is easy! With just a few ingredients and a little time you can have your space (and yourself!) spiritually cleansed in no time.

Floor Washes/Sprays

Floor Washes are solutions made with herbs, oils, spiritual colognes, and prayers for spiritual cleaning. Floor washes are similar to spiritual baths that can be used for spiritually cleaning your body. The major difference is that floor washes often include ammonia, something that you would never want to use on your body.

Floor Washes can be used as sprays if you have carpet. Your floors should be physically cleaned before being spiritually cleansed.


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The Lotus and The Pollen

This Yoni Exercise is the perfect example of a slow method kegel. Please do not add this exercise to your daily practice until you have mastered the Pulse exercises and fully understand how to isolate the muscles of the the vaginal canal.
Begin this exercise laying on your back with your legs open and relaxed or with knees bent and feet touching in a modified butterfly pose. You will be using your Yoni Breathing for this exercise.
1. Slowly inhale, as you tighten all the vaginal muscles one by one with awareness to the count of 5.
2. Now exhale and visualize your vagina opening and blooming outward like the petals of a flower.
3. Visualize your Yoni Egg being lifted and displayed as you exhale and then lowered and hidden as you inhale.
4. Once you begin to master this exercise increase your inhaling and exhaling breaths until you can complete each breath until the count of 10 or longer.

1. Toning and Strengthening
2. Bringing blood flow to the Yoni.
3. Teaching the Yoni how to receive and be relaxed.
2014-08-16 12.30.35
Adapted from the eBook Yoni Egg Secrets: The Definitive Guide by Namaste Moore (available from via Kindle)

Ovarian Breathing

Happy World Egg Day! To celebrate this post is for the Yoni Egg users!

Ovarian Breathing is one of the first things a woman needs to have as a daily practice before ever inserting a Yoni Egg, Yoni Sphere and or a Yoni Wand. Ovarian Breathing deeply cleanses and detoxes the Yoni and the Womb as it prepares them for the energetic practice of the Yoni Egg, Yoni Sphere and or a Yoni Wand. Read below to see how it’s done.

This should be done standing in a horse stance or lying on your left side (to start).

Place your thumbs at your navel with your fingers relaxed until you are making a triangle with your hands.

Now where your index fingers are placed is the Ovarian Palace. Your pinkie fingers are about where your ovaries are and the fingers in between are your Fallopian tubes.

Let your fingers sink lightly into your skin making contact. Energetically send your Ovarian Palace, Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries only what they need right now. Connect with them and send them great thoughts of love and gratitude.

A note on deep breathing. Ujjayi breathing or “the ocean breathe” is used to deepen your breathing and focus.

Within the Yoni Egg Practice, we do not stop at just breathing from the diaphragm we breathe from the Yoni itself. As you inhale the vagina expands. Now hold that breath as you contract and tighten your vaginal muscles. Then as you exhale you slowly release those muscles.

Now that you understand how far and deep the breath needs to go, let’s revisit the Ujjayi breathing technique. You inhale through your nose letting the air rush into your throat causing that “Darth Vader” sound. Now exhale through your nose allowing the air to once again rush through your chest and throat. It should cause that “Darth Vader” sound again or rather the rushing sound of the ocean. Usually this is a slow breath to the count of 8 at inhale, a hold to the count of 5 and and exhale to the count of 8. Practice and see what your personal count is.

Now we are familiar with the kind of breathing we will be doing. Please note the Ovarian Breathing is a continual visualization and breathing exercise that works best when completed. You can start with 5 minutes but when possible do 15 minutes to get the total benefits.

Version One

As you inhale bring that breath into the Ovarian Palace, then let it flow from there to caress the outside of the uterus, the inside of your g-spot and the perineum. Now as you now exhale your breathing should flow around the tip of your tailbone (or coccyx), over the top of your sacrum and back into the Ovarian Palace.

This should be a breath without pause, a continual loop from your ovarian palace and back again. This is going to oxygenate the entire area. This will also move toxins and awaken this area. You may get nauseous or lightheaded. That means you need to breath more evenly and focus on visualizing the path of your breaths.

Version Two

As you inhale bring that breath into the Ovarian Palace, then let it flow from there to caress the outside of the uterus, the inside of your g-spot and the perineum. Now as you now exhale your breathing should flow around the tip of your tailbone (or coccyx), over the top of your sacrum up your spine, into the back of your neck, up into the brain then from the forehead (frontal lobe), through the tongue; which is then going to act as a switch and deposit the access Chi into the Naval.

This should be a breath without pause, a continual loop from your ovarian palace to your navel. This is going to oxygenate the entire area. This will also move toxins and awaken this area. You may get nauseous or lightheaded. That means you need to breath more evenly and focus on visualizing the path of your breaths. When you master both versions alternate between the two during your rounds of Ovarian Breathing.

After you finish, lay still for a couple minutes, or if you are standing lay on your left side or stand erect. Rock or lay completely still. It is recommended to do this once a day for 30 days until it is a daily practice.

After care:

Have a cup of hot tea; peppermint or spearmint if you need cooling. Ginger Tea if you need heating. And Chamomile if you need calming.

A hot bath or shower.

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Citrine Full Moon Water


Citrine is the “Merchant’s Stone” it is the business owner’s catalyst to communication, abundance and personal power. Below is a recipe for a Full Moon Gem Elixir to help manifest your own prosperity.

Citrine Full Moon Water


Citrine either tumbled or Raw Crystal Points (pick the amount intuitively)

Filtered or Distilled Water

A Glass Container

Cleansing the Crystals:

Take a soft tooth brush and rubbing alcohol and scrub the crystals. Alcohol kills bacterial and fungus. Rinse thoroughly then wash with a light dish detergent. Once the crystals are clean run cold water over them for ten to fifteen seconds to clear the energy.

The intention of this water is to harvest abundance and success manifested expediently to your highest good.

Hold your citrine in both hands and think or speak your intentions over them in a clear and concise manner.

Hold or touch the water you will be using and acknowledge that all water is sacred. With a manner of gratitude think or speak your intentions into the water in a clear and concise voice.

In a clean glass pitcher, place your citrine crystals in the bottom gently. Then pour your water over them slowly with intention and respect.

Find a safe and stable place outside or in a window with good moonlight to put your pitcher of abundance. Let it sit from moonrise to moonset.

The Warrior Made

Today is a good day to be in the mind set of a warrior. Everyone is exposed to experiences that shape the kind of warrior we have become. Each struggle and with any situation comes a moment where our personal power has been tested. You are Warrior-Made but what does that mean? There are a lot of qualities involved in being a competent warrior. The most obvious is strength. With strength comes responsibility; the reality is you’ve been given all the tools you need to do and have all that you dream of… fear not and don’t doubt yourself. It’s all in there. Work WELL (efficiently and intelligently not hard) and with focus, faith, and form (ergonomics so you don’t hurt or injure yourself). Stay on point with your basic needs of nourishment, sleep, and water. Be aware and use discernment and patience; opportunities can be disguised as unreasonable situations.

Stand for yourself today warriors!