Kiss the Pain Goodbye Reminder

At some point in our lives we have to realize when we are telling stories that encourage us to relive our traumas. Now ask yourself; is this cathartic or is this becoming a chance for you to have a “poor me” pity party? Pay close attention to your answer. This is your permission to let this go and all the negative feelings, thoughts and most of all the anger that has been bred from it.

Drink a tea of Basil Leaf and Rosemary to aid you in healing from your traumas.

Be free of YOUR hurt and release the continued retelling of the old stories. Kiss them goodbye baby. 

Self-Care Reminder

It is time for you to do your Self-Work. Discover who you are, what you like and do not like, and create some boundaries.Start with reprogramming your self talk. 
Set business hours for your loved ones to discipline yourself as to when you can do favors for others.

Discern what is a true favor versus something you should either be paid for or receive something of equal value in exchange for your help.

Do not do this half-assed. Take time to SEE OR SEEK the value of who you are inside you.

Know Thyself to Wellness 

2017 the year of knowing yourself from every angle. It’s time to get to know who you really are. It’s time to know what all your gifts are. It’s time you learn how to use them. It’s time you find guidance that’s going to customize the healing, protection and using of your gifts to fit your personality and your Intuitive strengths. Contact us, this is how we love on you. #ancestralguidance #abundancemindset #Intuitive #intuitiveguidance #customize #thisishowwelove #ThisIsHowWeLoveOnYou #feelthelove #itstime #innerknowing #letsdiscover #letsdiscovertogether