Opening The Way

Journal Work: Opening The Way

Opening The Way is an invocation, a call to the Divine, a call to the ancestors, a prayer, a song, an acknowledgment to the forces present in your life. It is an invitation to bring in positive forces, benevolent spirits, ancestors and Divine.

We open the way so that these seen and unseen forces can guide us. We open the way so that we may be put in the state of mind to receive signs and Divine messages. We open the way so that we can attune our energies to mind, body and spirit and learn to trust our instincts. We open the way so that opportunities have an easier portal to flow in.

Today filled with your New Moon Energy write an opening of the way…

This could be a poem, prayer, chant, mantra or invocation but it has to be filled with positive intentions and your power translated through words.

Getting Stuck in Our Rhythms

In an Eb moment in my relationship, not to mention a 4:00 am shift, got me to explore why my usual libido was out of whack. So, we all create a chemical synergy with our sexual partners, our bodies cleaving to a pattern of positions of flesh and passion. The only issue with this is we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over again. Okay, let me backtrack. In Eastern Philosophy the feet, ears and hands are a reflection of the whole body and applying pressure to specific points can heal and prevent illness, this is known as Reflexology. The specific points are called reflex points. Now there are reflex points all over the body and most intimately, the vagina and the penis both have all of the reflex points to heal and prevent illness for the whole body on them as well. In this respect, our health and exposure to disease is easily compromised by routine sex. The reflex points around the penis and scrotum as well as the points on the lips, vulva, clitoris and within the vaginal canal; these all need to be stimulated for optimal health. These reflex points are not set up for us as a people to be stagnant and in one or two positions. There needs to be some spontaneous movement. Our rhythms need to be more intentional, more about feeling, really knowing your partner and the kind of energy they need right now. It is a preconceived notion that sex will only feel good one way. If we use our intuition about how we angle and shift our bodies during sex we can reach all the reflex points.

So, with all this going on in my mind, I recalled moments where I either didn’t trust my partner or I feared to emasculate my partner so I went along with the usual routine. With routine sex, sometimes it’s really good, at times you’re frustrated when it doesn’t feel as good and then there are times there’s pain. A crack addict told me once that he only kept smoking crack to try to get to the same euphoria of a high as his first time. Like The Last Poet’s Gash Man where the pussy is just a wound he’s putting his manhood into because it “feels so good”. In relation to both of those thoughts we are addicted to lessening the moments that should matter. You go through a cycle where your feelings of arousal are deadened and this is the worst place to be when you’re being intimate. It takes away the potential and the ability to give or receive orgasm. As a woman; you loose some of your sensations in this kind of stagnancy. You become cut off not only from your womb, from your Sacred Place but most importantly from your partner. As a man; you loose part of your connection with your partner and you loose the ability to give your woman. This is because the nuances of your woman are numbed and her energy is blocked. Now as a man; you have physical and emotional blockages to clear to enjoy a multiorgasmic and sensual woman. What I came up with is that the variety of body movement, being aware of nuances from your partner and tuning into their energy creates a healing. It also deepens the intimacy while eliminating the Eb moments. I mean think about it, if you’re truly getting what you need every time you have any kind of sexual encounter, your esteem is not affected, your feelings of distrust decrease or cease and your bond is stronger. Then any damage or traumas from the past are given some soul healing embraces. We begin to heal those we claim to care about. We become whole and powerful beings. We turn the flesh-fulfilled, dirty, wounded act into a beautiful dance.
Basically, we need to get out of our sexual routines and create a revival of sacred intimate connection. Then we can be more spontaneous, intentional and intuitive with our partners. The sharing of our bodies, where we’re not just healing one aspect of each other, where we’re not just enjoying one aspect of our flesh. A place of sinuous sensuality where we are using our whole bodies, minds and energies. A place where every reflex point on our sacred sexual organs are being stimulated and nourished and not over healing, overworking or overexerting these areas. Arriving at a state when we are indeed being present by responding to the synchronicity of the moment and it’s not just sex it’s some kind of sensual connection where we’re together in our oneness and it’s just not masculine and feminine it is you and your partner sharing your energies in a poignant and spiritual way, in a more rhythmic way that is primordial and sacred.

The Lotus and The Pollen

This Yoni Exercise is the perfect example of a slow method kegel. Please do not add this exercise to your daily practice until you have mastered the Pulse exercises and fully understand how to isolate the muscles of the the vaginal canal.
Begin this exercise laying on your back with your legs open and relaxed or with knees bent and feet touching in a modified butterfly pose. You will be using your Yoni Breathing for this exercise.
1. Slowly inhale, as you tighten all the vaginal muscles one by one with awareness to the count of 5.
2. Now exhale and visualize your vagina opening and blooming outward like the petals of a flower.
3. Visualize your Yoni Egg being lifted and displayed as you exhale and then lowered and hidden as you inhale.
4. Once you begin to master this exercise increase your inhaling and exhaling breaths until you can complete each breath until the count of 10 or longer.

1. Toning and Strengthening
2. Bringing blood flow to the Yoni.
3. Teaching the Yoni how to receive and be relaxed.
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Adapted from the eBook Yoni Egg Secrets: The Definitive Guide by Namaste Moore (available from via Kindle)

My Yoni Egg Experience

Last year, February of 2014, a close friend and sister of my Womb Circle introduced me to her Amazonite Yoni Egg. She met this woman, Makeda Voletta also known as The Body Scientist, who is a well known Yoni Egg Provider. My friend was invited to join Makeda’s women’s group and learned of the Jade Egg.

In my little apothecary we sell crystals for healing both tumbled and raw. Up until now, we have never sold crystals with specific shapes. As I held my friend’s beautiful blue Yoni Egg, I could feel the light, loving energy radiate from it. My friend stated, “You should be selling Yoni Eggs”. Between the energy of her egg and her declaration I was motivated to research the Yoni Egg. It was sharing my research with my best friend who stumbled upon the world of Yoni Egg Knowledge on Youtube. Videos from China Brooks, Tiffany Janay of Organic Bloodline, Makeda Voletta and the prolific Grace Diaz. Within these Youtube videos you will find testimonials, breathing techniques and best practices.

I found my own Yoni Egg distributer and saved one of every kind of egg to try on my own. I had to give myself a talking to at this point because I still hadn’t decided on what egg to start with first. Then I remembered the first crystal that I could feel it’s energy strongly, a medium sized, heart shape Almandine Garnet. My first Yoni Egg was a 35mm by 45mm Almandine Garnet; all of the benefits of the crystal I definitely needed at that time. I was trying to clear away anger and the negative influences around it. Needless to say, I began my Yoni Egg love affair. At times when I’m not wearing my Almandine Garnet, I wear it in a leather pouch.

Every woman chooses to work with the Yoni Egg for their own purposes but I think all reasons bring great delight and healing. Please continue to read this blog for more about the Yoni Egg or just visit our online store at

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Ovarian Breathing

Happy World Egg Day! To celebrate this post is for the Yoni Egg users!

Ovarian Breathing is one of the first things a woman needs to have as a daily practice before ever inserting a Yoni Egg, Yoni Sphere and or a Yoni Wand. Ovarian Breathing deeply cleanses and detoxes the Yoni and the Womb as it prepares them for the energetic practice of the Yoni Egg, Yoni Sphere and or a Yoni Wand. Read below to see how it’s done.

This should be done standing in a horse stance or lying on your left side (to start).

Place your thumbs at your navel with your fingers relaxed until you are making a triangle with your hands.

Now where your index fingers are placed is the Ovarian Palace. Your pinkie fingers are about where your ovaries are and the fingers in between are your Fallopian tubes.

Let your fingers sink lightly into your skin making contact. Energetically send your Ovarian Palace, Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries only what they need right now. Connect with them and send them great thoughts of love and gratitude.

A note on deep breathing. Ujjayi breathing or “the ocean breathe” is used to deepen your breathing and focus.

Within the Yoni Egg Practice, we do not stop at just breathing from the diaphragm we breathe from the Yoni itself. As you inhale the vagina expands. Now hold that breath as you contract and tighten your vaginal muscles. Then as you exhale you slowly release those muscles.

Now that you understand how far and deep the breath needs to go, let’s revisit the Ujjayi breathing technique. You inhale through your nose letting the air rush into your throat causing that “Darth Vader” sound. Now exhale through your nose allowing the air to once again rush through your chest and throat. It should cause that “Darth Vader” sound again or rather the rushing sound of the ocean. Usually this is a slow breath to the count of 8 at inhale, a hold to the count of 5 and and exhale to the count of 8. Practice and see what your personal count is.

Now we are familiar with the kind of breathing we will be doing. Please note the Ovarian Breathing is a continual visualization and breathing exercise that works best when completed. You can start with 5 minutes but when possible do 15 minutes to get the total benefits.

Version One

As you inhale bring that breath into the Ovarian Palace, then let it flow from there to caress the outside of the uterus, the inside of your g-spot and the perineum. Now as you now exhale your breathing should flow around the tip of your tailbone (or coccyx), over the top of your sacrum and back into the Ovarian Palace.

This should be a breath without pause, a continual loop from your ovarian palace and back again. This is going to oxygenate the entire area. This will also move toxins and awaken this area. You may get nauseous or lightheaded. That means you need to breath more evenly and focus on visualizing the path of your breaths.

Version Two

As you inhale bring that breath into the Ovarian Palace, then let it flow from there to caress the outside of the uterus, the inside of your g-spot and the perineum. Now as you now exhale your breathing should flow around the tip of your tailbone (or coccyx), over the top of your sacrum up your spine, into the back of your neck, up into the brain then from the forehead (frontal lobe), through the tongue; which is then going to act as a switch and deposit the access Chi into the Naval.

This should be a breath without pause, a continual loop from your ovarian palace to your navel. This is going to oxygenate the entire area. This will also move toxins and awaken this area. You may get nauseous or lightheaded. That means you need to breath more evenly and focus on visualizing the path of your breaths. When you master both versions alternate between the two during your rounds of Ovarian Breathing.

After you finish, lay still for a couple minutes, or if you are standing lay on your left side or stand erect. Rock or lay completely still. It is recommended to do this once a day for 30 days until it is a daily practice.

After care:

Have a cup of hot tea; peppermint or spearmint if you need cooling. Ginger Tea if you need heating. And Chamomile if you need calming.

A hot bath or shower.

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